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Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not see an answer to the question you are looking for please submit your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: How do I decide what vitamin A product to start a patient on?

A: This depends on a number of factors pertaining to that individual’s skin. The easiest factor is the sensitivity factor – if the patient has sensitive skin, no matter the age, start them on the AVST line. If they are sensitive AND have signs of irritation and/or inflammation (rosacea, acne, acne prone, eczema, etc) you should start them on AVST Gel. If they are not sensitive and have advanced signs of aging and photo-damage, start them on the CQuence 1 serum. If they have gradual signs of aging and photo-damage, start them on AVST 1.

Q: How do I know when to move up to the next step?

A: For most patients, they will transition to the next step up once they finish the product level they are on. Example, once an individual runs out of AVST 1, they will purchase and begin on AVST 2. This will continue until they are at the highest dosed moisturizer in either the AVST or CQuence range. The only time you would keep them on the same level moisturizer is when the skin shows signs that it has not adjusted to the level of vitamin A in the product. This will be apparent by redness or irritation. This does not happen often.

Q: What is a Retinoid Reaction?

A: A retinoid reaction occurs when the skin cells cannot accommodate the level of vitamin A that is being applied to the skin. The skin cell has yet to build up enough cell receptors to allow the vitamin A into the skin so irritation can occur. Redness, dryness, itching, flaking, and even a slight breakout might be signs of a retinoid reaction. If this occurs you can have the patient reduce usage of the product to once a day or once every other day until the skin adjusts. If this does not resolve the problem you can step them down to a lower level of either the AVST or CQuence line.

Q: Would you recommend the Revival Masque for problematic skin?

A: No I would not recommend it.

Q: Can a person allergic to nuts use environ?

A: Basically: Always patch test if unsure. We can’t guarantee that all of our raw materials come from factories that manufacture without nuts. Environ does not manufacture any products with nuts. Synthetic ingredients should be safe for persons with nut allergies. Nut allergy is due to proteins in the nuts. Therefore synthetically manufactured oil is safe and cannot cause allergic reaction in individuals sensitized to nut proteins.

Q: What makes Environ vitamin A and C so special?

A: It is no secret that vitamin A and C are essential for the skin; that is why many lines now use them. Environ founder, Dr Des Fernandes was the first to use fat soluble vitamins in efficacious doses. Environ products are known for their freshness and the formulation and concentration are key elements to what makes Environ unique. Environ products have become internationally renowned earning numerous awards, Swiss Vitamin Institute certification, and of course superior results. Our step-up system of vitamin A and C ensures a gentle yet effective way to treat any skin type from ultra-sensitive to ultra-tolerant. Whether you wish to preserve a youthful appearance or require the most advanced regimen, we have a product for you! For these reasons, Environ has become the first choice skin care of thousands of professionals around the world.

Q: Environ samples are limited, why?

A: Unlike many brands, Environ products are not mass produced. They are manufactured and distributed based on the demands of over 70 countries by our very own pharmaceutical factory. Samples are made as often as possible. Full size testers are available to Environ stockists at a discounted price for sampling.

Q: I found Environ products for sale on the internet. Has this policy changed?

A: No, we still do not permit internet sales. Selling Environ online has never been authorized.  We make every effort to control this fraudulent activity and we ask that Environ stockists sign an internet policy agreement if their practice has a web based store. Like anything popular, counterfeits will surface.

Q: Why are parabens in some of your products?

A: Parabens are not added to any Environ products. Some raw materials contain small amounts of parabens; some are naturally occurring. Nevertheless, these raw materials are a fraction of the formulation making the concentration of the parabens negligible and completely safe and non-irritating.  We will always select the highest quality raw materials to formulate the most efficacious products. Environ is one of very few companies that list the ingredients in the raw materials. Many products you use that claim they are paraben free, may actually contain parabens!!

Note: not all  regions have the same declaration requirements. Because a product does not declare parabens doesn’t mean it is paraben free. Environ declares every single raw material used in each formulation.

Q: Why does Environ use the ester form of Vitamin A?

A: Retinyl Palmitate & Retinyl Acetate are the skin friendly form of Vit A so it is easier for the skin to tolerate. It is fat soluble for greater penetration into the skin. It is storage form of Vitamin A & are stored in the liver. They actually make the skin photo protected. They convert to Retinic Acid in the skin cells.  You get all the benefits of the Retinoic acid without the side effects.

Q: Why does Environ use the ester form of Vitamin C?

A: Having a fat soluble Vit C (ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitate) allows for great efficacy.

Q: Why does Environ have an expiration date?

A: Des wants the Vitamins to be the freshest available for the skin.  WE ARE ONE OF THESE VERY VERY FEW COMPANY THAT HAS THE INTEGRITY TO SHARE EXPIRATION DATES.  We are as fresh as milk for the most effective skin care available.

Q: What is so special about our packaging?

A: Environ only uses airless pumps & collapsible tubes to protect the Vitamins & antioxidants in the products.  Using a wide mouth jar will not protect the precious Vitamins & antioxidants & the product will oxidize & render the products useless.

Q: Why do I have to start at Level 1 in the step up system?

A: Chances are, if you are not applying a vitamin A cream each morning and evening, your skin is likely to be deficient of this essential vitamin. The skin cells treat vitamin A differently than most other vitamins and requires it to pass through different receptors to be allowed entrance to the cell itself. If you start with too high of a dose of vitamin A, like the ones found in the higher levels of the step up program, than you can likely overwhelm the skin with vitamin A leading to a retinoid reaction. A retinoid reaction can manifest as redness, dryness, or even a slight breakout. This is your skin's way of showing that it has more vitamin A than it can process.

Environ recommends that you start on the first level so that you can gradually introduce vitamin A back into the skin and likely avoid any irritating reaction. Only once the skin is used to the starting levels and has had a chance to create additional receptors to allow even more vitamin A into the cell, can you step up to the next level. This will usually take about 1-2 tubes of each level to prepare the skin to graduate on to the next step.

Remember, even if you were using a vitamin A prior to starting Environ, we have significantly increased the frequency of application. Prescription forms of vitamin A are typically applied between 1-3 times per week, at night only.

When considering how skin care ranges compare, here are some questions to ask about the skin care line you offer and put your name behind:

Q: Does your skin care line employ hydroquinones?

A: Hydroquinones are unnatural and an unsafe long-term chemical solution to pigmentation. As of August 2006 their use is under scrutiny by the FDA. Environ has never used hydroquinones and have healthy alternatives for managing and avoiding pigmentation. The Evenescence Range combined with Vitamins A and C target melanogenesis at 4 independent points in the melanin production and distribution pathways.

Does your skin care line believe years of stressing your skin with redness will achieve youth and health?

A: The epidermis is our only protection from the harsh environment, so why destroy it by using abrasive techniques to 'polish' the skin, or chronically exfoliating it with acid and alcohol forms of vitamins (retinoic acid and retinol)? To rejuvenate facial skin we need a perfect epidermis! The revolutionary philosophy of Environ is to protect and help to thicken and improve the upper layers of the skin, making it healthier rather than stripping and compromising it. Environ's formulations and procedures do not destroy the horny layer of the skin; they are developed to achieve maximum penetration of vitamins and antioxidants without damage to the outer layers of skin.

Q: Does your skin care line use Acid (retinoic acid, ascorbic acid) or Alcohol (retinol) forms of Vitamins A and C?

A: Why use harsh forms of vitamins that are poorly absorbed and largely removed in the blood stream? Fat soluble forms in high concentrations offer the same benefits as the highest strengths of retinoic acid, but with no, or only a very mild, retinoid reaction when applied in graduated concentrations.

Q: Does your skin care line chronically expose the skin to alpha hydroxy acids?

A: It is now recognized that ultimately this will compromise the skin's barrier function and leave it thinner and less healthy. We believe in the targeted use of alpha hydroxy acids, e.g. as toners or as a 'winter-booster'.

Q: Does your problematic line chronically use benzoyl peroxide &/or oral antibiotics?

A: There are safer and equally effective ways to treat acne, rather than years and years of chemicals applied topically, or oral antibiotics throughout ones teenage and early adult years. Natural ingredients in Environ's B-Active range control problematic skin effectively while in fact enhancing the skin's health by using combinations of Vitamin A, tea tree oil and colostrum.

Q: Does your skin care line contain steroids?

A: Steroids thin the skin and its underlying fat, compromise its very important immune function, and only mask atopic disorders. Many cases of atopic dermatitis will improve dramatically with gentle forms of Vitamin A, while simultaneously achieving all the known benefits from the Vitamin A as well.

Q: Does your skin care line rely predominantly on antioxidants?

A: While antioxidants are protective against free radicals, they offer no other active functions in themselves. That is, they are preventive but not rejuvenative. However, certain vitamins can offer us both the preventive benefits of an effective antioxidant, while also providing rejuvenative health benefits. Vitamin A has long been known as the "skin vitamin" but only recently has attention been focused on it as a "skin normalizer" and an indispensable factor in the maintenance of youthful, healthy skin. It helps to prevent and reverse established photo-aging, and to improve hydration. Environ has also pioneered the use of stabilized and highly effective forms of Vitamin C as ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (VC-IP). This is a fat soluble and extremely stable form of Vitamin C. It passes easily through the horny layer and enters the cell wall with great ease leading to up to ten times more active Vitamin C into the cell itself. Besides its basic action as a free radical scavenger, Vitamin C has an important part to play in the formation of collagen and when combined with Vitamin A, skin laxity can be treated more effectively. It also facilitates in the reduction of pigmentation blemishes. For the healthiest, most radiant skin Vitamin C is essential. Does your skin care range offer all this together with powerful antioxidants, inorganic UV-A & UV-B sun reflectants (titanium dioxide), pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), growth factors, colostrum, peptides, and the targeted use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids where indicated?

Q: Does your skin care line rely largely on one specific antioxidant?

A: While certain antioxidants are effective in the mitochondria, others work in the cell walls, the extra-cellular fluid or the intra-cellular fluid. A combination of antioxidants should be used to offer a highly effective cocktail to our patients.

Q: Is your skin care line broad enough for effective use on all skin types, on people of all ages, and for both genders?

A: A one-size-fits-all or lowest common denominator approach is implicit in 'narrow' skin care ranges with some so-called "miracle" ingredient – these simply cannot be highly effective yet still safe for everybody as is so often claimed. Environ has appropriately designed products for all skin types.

Q: Does your skin care line come in a glass jar?

A: Exposure to UV light, air, heat and ionizing radiation (X-Rays) will denature most active ingredients. Are your products filled under red light to protect light sensitive ingredients; manufactured under vacuum conditions to prevent exposure to air; and shipped in temperature-controlled environments without being X-Rayed? Is their packaging specialized to protect them from light and air? Environ meets all of these requirements admirably, with packaging technology that includes metal lined collapsible tubes, UV protective windows and hidden rising inner bases.

Q: Does your skin care line contain preservatives?

A: Environ products are only manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and fresh, active vitamins. They are hypo-allergenic and free from colorants. All vitamins decay. It is therefore important to try and make sure that your patients use the freshest products possible to get the best results. In order to achieve this and ensure that our products remain hypoallergenic, some of our products are made to order and shipped fresh, and most of the range have no preservatives or perfumes added during manufacture. This is one of the few ranges in the world to do so.

Q: Does your skin care line get tested on animals?

A: Environ is trialed extensively in humans, but no ingredients are ever tested on animals. Environ is a cruelty free company.

Q: Is your skin care line mass marketed over the counter or online?

A: Environ products are only available through physicians' offices, and certain medispas (and only once their staff have been accredited through intense professional training courses). Environ is not, never has been, and never will be distributed at beauty supply stores, retail stores or via the web. This is to ensure the efficacious use of these high potency products and the best advice possible for your patients. For non-physicians an 85% pass rate is required on all Environ exams and continuing education is offered on advanced techniques, new products and the science of skin care.

Q: Is your skin care range produced by contract manufacturers?

A: Environ is one of the very few skin care ranges in the world with its own sterile manufacturing facilities, dedicated chemists and labs with state of the art technology. All products are manufactured and marketed only after thorough and exhaustive testing.

Q: Is the chemical content and sterility of each product in your skin care range validated by internationally accredited independent laboratories?

A: Environ has every batch validated against very stringent criteria and by multiple laboratories. Batch samples are also stored through the batch's expiry date for comparison to any individual product on the off chance that it come into question.

Q: Do any products contain yeast?

A: We do not have products with yeast extracts currently in the market but the Intensive Avance Crème DFP312 does. The ingredient Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is one of ingredients making up the raw material Tryllagen PCB.

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